You didn't really send in $19.95 did you?

Hello Seeker!  Now don't feel alone in the New Age, because a Seeker is born every minute.  And, don't worry, I won't cash your check.

How to protect yourself from the Y2K bug?
Protect yourself from all the charlatans trying to rip you off for protection!
Protect yourself from all the Chicken-Little's shouting "The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!"

How to really deal with the Y2K menace?

Take some advice from a Software Engineer who has been programming and designing systems for 28 years, who first used the Internet in 1972.  Just relax, have a nice New Year's Eve, and forget all this Y2K crap!
Have a 
Then, on New Year's Day, watch the news services scrambling around trying to find a Y2K bug story that effects you in any way -- or seriously effects anyone anywhere.

And watch all the Bozo's gloating about how everything would be sooooooo bad if they hadn't done all their Y2K repairs, and weren't we all so grateful to them?

Definitions You May Find Useful

Talisman -- An object which you believe has magic powers to protect you or bring you luck

Specious -- Plausible but false; ``a specious claim''

Sophistical -- Fallaciously subtil; not sound; as sophistical reasoning or argument.

Ersatz -- Being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation

Spurious -- of falsified or erroneously attributed origin : FORGED : of a deceitful nature or quality

Sick of the Y2K hype?

Dress for the armageddon with a  y 2 k f u  t-shirt!

Please, tell them Chris at sent you -- I get a whole dollar!

A Final Note -- The Story of Chicken Little

Narrator:    One bright, sunny day, Chicken-Little was picking up corn in the
                    Barnyard. Suddenly, an acorn from the big oak tree fell down and hit
                    Chicken-Little right on the top of her head.---kerrrr flop.

Chicken:    Oh! The Sky is falling!  The Sky is falling!  I am going to tell the King!

Narrator:    And away she went.  Chicken-Little went on and on.  After a while
                    she came to Cockey-Lockey.

Cockey:    Where are you going, Chicken-Little?

Chicken:    Oh, Cockey-Lockey.  The sky is falling! I am going to tell the king.

Cockey:     I will go with you!

Narrator:    The went on and on and on.  After a time, they came to Ducky-Lucky.

Ducky:        Where are you going, Chicken-Little and Cockey-Lockey?

Cockey:     Oh, Ducky-Lucky!  The sky is falling!  We are going to tell the king!

Ducky:        Wait!  I will go with you.

Narrator:    And they hurried off.  They went on and on and on!  Soon they came
                    to Goosey-Loosey.

Goosey:     Hey, where are you three going?

Ducky:        Oh, Goosey-Loosey! The sky is falling! We are going to tell the king.

Goosey:      Then I will go with you!

Narrator:     And so they went on and on and on.  Before long they came to Turkey-

Turkey:        Where are you-all going in such a rush?

Goosey:       Oh, Turkey-Lurkey.  The sky is falling!  We are going to tell the king.

Turkey:        Well, hey, wait for me!  I will go with you.

Narrator:    They went on and on and on.  After a while they came to Foxy-Loxy.

Foxy:          Say, where are you all going?

Chicken:                (All
Ducky:                  together)
Turkey:        Foxy-Loxy!  Foxy-Loxy!  The sky is falling!  We are going to tell the king.

Foxy:            Well, I know a short cut to the king's palace.  Follow me.

Turkey:         Oh, goody, goody!  He knows a short cut to the king's palace!

Narrator:      They went on an on and on.  Then they came to Foxy-Loxy's cave.

Foxy:            This is the short cut to the palace.  I'll go in first and then
                      you come in after at a time.

Turkey:        Of course.  Why not?

Narrator:    In went Turkey-Lurkey.  Sssssnap!  Off went Turkey-Lurkey's head.
                    In went Goosey-Loosey.  Kerrrr-POP!  Off went Goosey-Loosey's head.
                    In went Ducky-Lucky.  Kerrrr-unch!  Off went Ducky-Lucky's head.

Cockey:    (Excitedly)  Go Home, Chicken-Little!  Go Home!

Narrator:    Can you guess what happened next?   (pause)
                    Kerrrrr-Aaaack! Off went Cockey-Lockey's head.

Chicken-Little ran home.  She did not tell the king that the sky was falling.  And until this day the others have never been seen.  And  the poor king has never been told that the sky is falling!

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